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Eye Exams For All Ages

Seeing 20/20 means that a person can clearly see a standard-size letter on the eye chart. But there’s so much more to healthy vision than having 20/20 vision. 20/20 is just the starting point!


Proper vision is important to ensure that kids develop the skills that are important for school and life. Vision starts developing before a child is even born and all the basic visual skills should be present by 6 months of age. It is recommended that every child have their first eye examination between 6 and 12 months of age to detect any issues in visual skills development. 


Kids are not just small adults! Children's eye exams have to be thorough and professional, but they can also be FUN. Every patient at Bright Family Eye Care is given a complete visual evaluation, no matter how young. This includes assessing the health of their eyes, the clarity of their vision and the coordination of their eyes. Should your child need glasses, Bright Family Eye Care offers the most up-to-date options for frames and lenses as well as pediatric eye care treatments including vision therapy, treatment for amblyopia (or "lazy eye") and Ortho-k for childhood correction and control of nearsightedness. 

All Ages

Regular vision testing and evaluations ensure that you always have the clearest vision possible. Our Lawrenceburg optometrist provides regular vision acuity tests as part of a comprehensive eye exam. Dr. Hornberger will measure how each eye is seeing by using a wall eye chart and a reading eye chart. The results of these tests are portrayed as a fraction, with 20/20 being the standard for normal distance and reading vision. Depending on the results of your vision test, Dr. Hornberger may prescribe corrective glasses, contacts, or eye exercises.

At Bright Family Eye Care we are happy to feature some amazing technology:

  • We have the new Optovue iScan SD-OCT, which not only aids in the diagnosis and treatment of sight-threatening eye diseases but lets us see beneath the surface of your retina, where signs of disease appear before outward signs or symptoms.
  • We have a digital retinal camera to view the inside of your eye and show you what we are seeing, documenting important information about the health of your eyes.
  • We use the Medmont E300 corneal topographer to map the corneas of each of our contact lens patients as part of a yearly corneal evaluation. This is especially important to monitor for changes to the health of your cornea.

To make sure that you are seeing your best, we evaluate these visual skills on all patients:

  • Visual acuity at distance and near
  • Eye Teaming Skills - Do your eyes aim, move and work as a coordinated team? If not, blurry vision, double vision and reading problems are some possible side effects.
  • Eye Focusing Skills - Do your eyes maintain clear vision at all distances? If not you may experience headaches, fatigue, reduced reading comprehension and avoidance of close work or other activities.
  • Eye Movement Skills - Do your eye movements show good muscle control? Tracking? Fixation? Eye movement skills affect hand-eye coordination and reading speed.

THIS ---->https://brightfamilyeyecare.imatrixbase.com/vision-exams.html

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It was close to home, and I have heard many great things from other people about Dr. Hornberger. I was very pleased with my first visit. Everyone was very friendly and very helpful with all of my questions and needs. Very happy with Bright Family Eye Care.

Lawrenceburg, IN

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