We know that selecting just the right frame can be overwhelming. Glasses are more than a medical device, they are like a piece of jewelry for your face! We believe that you should love the way you see AND look. We will make sure your frames fit your face shape and will work with your specific glasses prescription so that you can be confident that you look your best.

Frame selection

repairs and adjustments

contact lenses

Glasses work their way out of adjustment with normal wear and they need regular tune-ups just like your car needs oil changes. Keeping them adjusted not only makes them more cosmetically appealing, but also assures you are looking through the center of the lens for best vision. We are also able to make many repairs in the office. 

Contact lenses are an important part of many patients vision correction plan. There are several ways to order contact lenses from in office or over the phone, to our online ordering portal. Rest assured no matter how you choose to order you will always receive FREE shipping to your home!