We have a wide selection of both sunglass and optical frames. Our brands include:

- eco
- woow
- derek lam
- oakley
- flexon

- kate spade
- ocean pacific
- modo
- dilli dalli
- and more...

contact lenses

Contact lenses are not one lens fits all. With dozens of materials, designs and features the successful fit of a comfortable contact lens that gives excellent vision is a skill. We utilize a huge variety of brands, materials and designs, including specialty lenses such as hybrid designs and scleral lenses, to ensure that we have a contact lens for anyone that wants to wear them.

Lenses and lens options

Part of why we hope you'll choose us for your eyeglasses is our wide range of lens options. From single vision to no-line bifocals, computer lens designs and anti-fatigue lenses, we truly have something to offer everyone. A few popular lens options we offer are:

- anti-glare coating
- blue light filtering
- transitions

- polarized sun protection
- mirror coating
- lens tints

supplemental products

Our goal is to provide the best in eye care and we know that the eye care shelves of the pharmacy and grocery store are confusing. We carry a wide variety of the best products for dry eye, ocular nutrition and eye related skincare in the office for your convenience.

- heated eye masks
- eyelid/lash cleanser
- omega 3 supplements

- eye vitamins
- safe and effective eye creams
- lash and brow enhancing serums

- eye vitamins
- safe and effective eye       creams
- lash and brow enhancing   serums