This isn't your grandmother's eye exam.
(Although your grandmother is welcome here!)
We use state of the art testing and equipment and promise the most thorough eye exam you've ever experienced.

high tech eye exams

Contact lens evaluations

Optomap retina exam

Whether you are wearing contact lenses every day or just occasionally we can help you find a lens that is both healthy and comfortable. Even bifocal contact lenses aren't too much of a challenge for us!

Our Optomap retina exam provides an ultra-wide picture of your retina without dilating drops. We capture Optomap images during every comprehensive eye exam to allow us to better care for your eyes and cause less disruption to your day. Every Optomap image is reviewed during your exam so you are fully educated about your eye health.

Your exam will include:
  • vision analysis and eyeglasses prescription
  • ocular health screening with digital wide-field imaging using Optomap technology 
  • enhanced glaucoma and macular degeneration screening in patients 60+
  • personalized recommendations for eyewear
 Pricing: $145*

(*routine exam with time of service discount)

We offer services for many types of lenses:
  • daily disposable
  • monthly reusable
  • custom soft
  • gas permeable
  • multifocal/bifocal
  • hybrids
  • scleral lenses

Pricing for contact lens services starts at $75 and increases based on complexity.
Optomap imaging is a $39 copay on most vision insurance plans.